My name is Alizee. I was born and raised in the Turks and Caicos Islands to a family of adventurers. I have an insatiable urge to travel and explore, I love literature, music and photography (especially bikes - I love photographing bicycles), and I have an unhealthy appreciation for street food. I have had many 'jobs' over the years ranging from English teacher to Dive instructor and more recently freelance illustrator and translator. 

Courtesy of Wes Matweyew

One of my motivations for illustrating sub-aquatic wonderlands is the awe of what is there and the fear of what will be left. The importance of the ocean and the threats it is facing have become abundantly clear and yet there is still so much unnecessary garbage being dumped into the seas, it's mind-boggling.
Working as a dive instructor in Vietnam made the threat ever so real and personal. Education is the best defence in certain areas and mass destruction doesn't necessarily stem from malice but rather from an ignorance of the consequences. I would love to eventually create an interactive educational 'colouring' book that could be used, not only to promote healthy reefs, but also to illustrate the repercussions of humanity's actions; from washing your face with cleansers containing plastic microbeads to the horrors of dynamite fishing which is still being used around the world. Although this is still a working idea, if this web-site is successful I will try to make it happen